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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What is an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Every wedding season comes with its own trends, and we’ve seen them all come and go, such as the candy buffet and photo booths. Most recently there has been a lot of international focus on having Eco-Friendly Weddings. If you are an avid wedding blog reader, you will notice that more and more blogs write articles on this. It is the hottest and newest trend in California. However, an Eco-Friendly wedding is more than just a style, it is a statement, both positive and fashionable.

Being eco-friendly does not mean that you have to sacrifice the beauty or traditions of your wedding. By opting for a green wedding, one would essentially take the environmental and social impact of your wedding into consideration. By having a green wedding you are able to represent love and care to a whole new level.

Eco-CHic Weddings Answers some of your questions 

{1} Why an environmentally friendly wedding
An average wedding can emit 9 to 16 tons of carbon emissions and now is the time that we need to call upon lifestyle changes that will help reduce our carbon footprint – a personal contribution to an atmospheric mess!However, it is important to note that having a green wedding is definitely not going to solve all the problems and there is no practical way to be truly carbon-neutral.

{2} Would it really make a difference if couples opted for a green wedding
ABSOLUTELY, YES! Anything we can do to shrink the carbon footprint, would help. This is a time to display your values and show that you are taking steps for a brighter future and that it is easy to take personal responsibility for change. You would be supporting green products, services and setting an example for guests who may not have a clue as to what is going on in the world of environmental management or how to be sustainable. A lot of couples like to make a statement at their wedding, and going green is one of the best options to do this!

{3} How Green do I have to go
Being green is not an absolute; try and see it as a series of personal goals and you decide how and to what extent you will go to achieve these goals. Your shade of green can depend on your budget, number of guests and what is available. The main idea is that a green wedding stands against waste and excess.

{4} General guidelines for a green wedding:
{a} Number of guests who have to fly or drive long distances should be minimal
{b} The invitations shouldn’t require destroying trees
{c} Brides dress should have a second or third life
{d} The registry should not just be about “us”
{e} Workers should not be exploited
{f} Use local, seasonal or organic food
{g} Useful party favours
{h} Support Vendors who support the environment

{5} What are Green service providers and products
{a} Trustworthy labels which help you identify certified products
{b} If there is no seal of approval then you can visit the vendors’ website and see if they commit to sustainable practices or contact them and ask them.
{c} Support products that are made locally
{d} Support vendors you can relate to and have either already changed their ways or are on their way too.

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