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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Why Hire a Professional Decor and Floral Artist

One of the questions brides and grooms always contemplate is whether to DIY their wedding flowers and decor or whether to hire a professional artist to ensure the successful implementation of their wedding flowers and decor.

When you browse the internet and magazines the pictures make it look easy, but remember that a specialist is a professional and it isn't only about making the flowers, it is about pulling an entire wedding look and feel together. True professionals do not copy an image as is, but rather draw inspiration from the couple and other elements to create a unique wedding catered to the personality of the couple.

A wedding florist knows what flowers are in season, what flowers will work for what vase, what flowers to substitute with if need be, when to buy flowers and how to look after specific flowers. Making flower arrangements isn't as easy as walking through a meadow picking flowers and tying a pretty ribbon, even if we make it look as if it is that easy. 

Doing the wedding yourself may save you a couple of rand, but remember you do not have supplies such as floral tape on hand and you will need to consider buying all the bits and bobs it takes to make arrangements. You also need to store the flowers and babysit them to make sure they do not die. 

Your wedding day is intended to make you feel special and pampered. Allow the professionals to use their creative talents to make sure you have a day to remember. Make your life easy, make your wedding beautiful. Enjoy your family and fantastic flowers - spring for the professional florist.

What you are paying your professional wedding florist for:

  • Time
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Patience
  • Flowers and Supplies
  • Experience
  • Plan B, that is always in place

Eco-Chic Weddings hard at work. Photography by Cilla Bloom Photography

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